Money Back Guarantee

This guarantee only applies to your hourly session fee to actually take the photos. Once your session is done I'll meet with you to show you a collection of the best images and if they aren't what you envision, the focus isn't right, the exposure is way off or you just don't love them I'll give you your money back or offer a complementary reshoot.

If you opt for the money back guarantee all work will cease and further stages of post production will not proceed. All images will remain the property of Rydography and will not be available for purchase or print thereafter. Rydography at its sole discretion may opt to edit any images from this shoot and use them as examples of work on their respective portfolio and/or for advertising purposes to promote Rydography. You may not save copies, share digital images or print any images found on Rydography's portfolio without express written permission. Images will not be available for your use as per the free social media package.

Any mileage paid for travel outside of Calgary will not be refundable as part of this guarantee, however, up to 50% may be credited towards a re-shoot in the same location within 30 days of initial shoot.

Free Social Media Pictures

Whether you have opted for prints or digital files for final delivery you will also receive a package of properly sized images available to use on any social media platform you wish. Images provided will come watermarked with the Rydography logo and must remain in tact, unaltered and not cropped out of the image. Any alterations to the images are not permitted. The copyright of these images remains the property of Rydography and may not be printed. Customers taking advantage of the Money Back guarantee will not be provided with a free social media package for the applicable shoot.

This does not apply to full size images that have been purchased for the purpose of printing. Such full size images will be delivered without watermark and may be printed at will.

Cancellation Policy

We realize life happens and sometimes we need to cancel, postpone or make other arrangements and that's ok. 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to a session is required to ensure deposits are still valid and further charges aren't incurred. If I need to cancel for whatever reason I will show you the same courtesy and respect and we can work on an alternate arrangement or I can refund any deposits made.

This policy won't be in effect if bad weather is at fault. Best judgements will be made with as much notice as possible prior to going on location. All sessions will be booked with a primary date and location and a backup in case of the unexpected.

Archive Retrieval

When you receive your files as part of the final delivery we suggest you keep your photos in 2 different places, a primary and a backup. Should the worst happen and you need to get these files back I charge a $50 archive retrieval fee to retrieve every file that was originally delivered. Any prints that are required 6 months after delivery from your shoot will also incur a retrieval fee. While we endeavor to keep these images available for a long time we cannot guarantee this will work according to plan 100% of the time. If your computer or hard drive can crash, so can ours.

Payment Options

Currently we accept: Cash, Interac/Debit, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, PayPal and EMTs (Canadian customers only). Certain shoots maybe require a deposit up front for booking. Please enquire when booking your shoot.

TFP (Trade for Portfolio/Picture) Models

TFP shoots require a mandatory fully refundable booking deposit. This desposit is required in case a TFP model is a no show. Once you arrive at a shoot your deposit will be returned prior to the shoot commencing. If you are a no show we keep the deposit for our time spent preparing for and attending the shoot in your absense. Further bookings will not be made as TFP shoots for no show clients. If you cannot make your shoot we ask that you please adhere to the cancellation policy as stated above. All TFP models must sign our model release.

Paid Models

At their sole discretion, Rydography may or may not present or reveal any photos taken from a paid model shoot and will not allow paid models to pick and choose which images are to be used or edited. In certain circumstances paid models may be given the option to choose additional photos (for personal use only) to be processed however additional photography and/or print charges will be incurred. Please note that some restrictions of use may be imposed on additional images depending on the initial project. Please ask for details at your shoot. All paid models must sign our model release.

Model Release

The current model release can be found by clicking below. All persons under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the model release as well as be present for the entirety of the shoot without exception.
Model Release